Jocelyn Yeow

Initially, I wanted to learn Korean so that I could watch Korean dramas and variety shows with greater ease. I did not want to miss out on aspects of the show due to the language barrier so I resolved to understand the original language.

Being a student, I wanted a Korean language course that was affordable but also had good reviews. It eventually led me to Agape School of Education (ASE). It was very easy to sign up for the courses and in no time, I was already in my first class.

My teacher was very kind and patient with the students. She made sure to modify her speed and teaching style according to our pace of learning. Whenever we had doubts or questions, be it in class or outside of class, support was always available.

My teacher was also very approachable and motherly, and I never felt worried or unsure if I should ask a question. She is not only a teacher but also a friend and a mentor. Because of her and the teaching style at ASE, I not only fell in love with the language, but I also became more interested in the history and culture of Korea.

The best part of my whole experience is that I feel that a new passion for learning language, history and culture has been ignited within me.

I would definitely recommend ASE to anyone who wants to pick up a new language. Thanks to them, within 2 years I was ready to take my TOPIK 1 examinations, an international accreditation examination. I received full marks for my examination and I can’t wait to learn more about Korea!


Jeanette’s education in French started when she was just 7. However, the cookie cutter approach to foreign language education meant that the syllabus was often too difficult for her. What’s worse is that she was often in classes where the students’ skill levels did not align. This led to much confusion, and loss of motivation and interest, and she eventually dropped out. When she was 13, the chance to learn French presented itself again. When Jeanette entered secondary school, the Ministry of Education Language Centre (MOELC) offered third language lessons to selected students who wanted to learn a foreign language. Not long after applying for French, she found herself in a class and hasn’t looked back since.

Although her typical classes were manageable, Jeanette aspired to attain international accreditation via the DELF examinations. However, she found it difficult to study for the DELF B2 exam independently. The DELF examination tests not only grammar and writing skills but also a very specific skill set applied to a specific set of themes. She initially tried to get by with the wealth of tips she found online. However, self-study remained a chore. In particular, Jeanette felt unfocused and aimless. “I didn’t know which sites to trust, and was spending way too much time sifting through all the information.”

That’s when she came across Agape ​School of Education ​(ASE). Their teachers and syllabus provided the resources and guidance she needed to find her way through the DELF requirements and excel in the exams. “ASE taught me to appreciate French more deeply – not just as an academic subject but as a language, and an entire culture of its own.”
While it’s arguable that study guides and online courses could have helped her improve her technical skills, Jeanette believes that it lacks the cultural touch. This is probably the most important aspect. “There is a whole people, a whole nation, and a whole history behind the new tongue you’re learning, and I think being guided by someone who has really lived and breathed the French culture makes a difference in how you come to perceive the language.”

Jeanette’s teacher was extremely patient and dedicated. This was important for her because learning French (or any other new language) was no walk in the park. It was tough and required hard work. However, with his encouragement, she found the motivation and inspiration within her to push herself out of her comfort zone and gain confidence to speak the new language within one lesson! “Not only was ​my teacher​ fine with my stammering and stuttering, but he always told me there was so much more in me, so much more I could give – and that really encouraged me throughout my journey.” Jeanette was recently recognised as the 3rd best student for her JC2 level at the MOELC and has achieved her DELF B2 certification with credit.

To anyone looking to or considering taking up a new language, “I’d say go for it!” At ASE, class sizes are kept small and this really allows our teachers to interact more with weaker students and give them one-to-one attention, even in a group setting. More than that, ASE staff are warm and approachable, “from your own teacher to other teachers in the school, to even the administrative staff”!

We aim to create a supportive atmosphere so that all students, old or new, are made to feel comfortable and confident.


Sophie-Simran Nijer

Sophie, being of Sikh-German heritage, decided to pursue German as her Mother tongue language in school. After obtaining approval to take the language as a private student, she joined Agape School of Education (ASE), an MOE-certified language centre.

Despite having some basic knowledge of the language, ASE was invaluable in building her linguistic foundation. Her teachers, together with the structured environment and careful nurturing, made her learning process smooth and enjoyable. Be it a group class or a private, individual class, ASE ensures its students leave with a firm grasp of the language.

At every level of learning, periodic internal tests and year-end examinations were conducted to monitor Sophie’s progress. Her class attendance and results were made known to MOE regularly, emphasising the seriousness of ASE as a language school.

Sophie’s confidence and enthusiasm grew with each year, and she advanced significantly with the unwavering support of her teachers and other staff at ASE. After 6 years of German classes at ASE, Sophie’s parents decided to enrol her to take the German international accreditation examination, administered by the Goethe-Institut Singapore at the A2 level. Sophie received an excellent grade of 72/80 and the highest grade of “Sehr Gut/Very Good” for the A2 certification.

Thanks to the guidance by ASE and the ASE syllabus, which follows the MOE guidelines, Sophie was also able to easily integrate into classes at the MOE Language centre, where she now continues her German language education. Despite being in Secondary 2, Sophie recently competed in a German reading competition against students three years her senior and won!

ASE is strongly recommended for students and adults who want to learn a new language, build a strong foundation and nurture self-confidence. Teachers will go the extra mile, be it to adjust lesson schedules to accommodate the students’ busy schedules or to update lesson plans as per the students’ interests. The school and its staff uphold excellence and professionalism in all areas of learning, ensuring learners that they are in good hands.