Mandarin for Business

We have specialised this course to prepare non-native English speakers for the demands of the professional business world.

Sharpen your Mandarin skills and open a world to your business success.

Mandarin for Business

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The aim of our Business Mandarin classes is to equip students with Chinese knowledge that is commonly used in a business setting.

Elementary Classes

Our elementary classes are designed for learners with no prior experience in Mandarin and include lessons that cover topics common in a business setting.

Students will learn basic etiquettes such as greetings, introductions in both professional and casual settings, and conversational topics like the weather. Students can also expect to learn basic vocabulary on work-related activities, such as travel, time and location.

Additionally, students will be taught about common modes of Business Communication such as schedule planning, meetings and even banquets.

Finally, students can expect to learn common words and phrases that they will use both in business settings and everyday life.

Intermediate & Advanced Classes

The Intermediate/Advanced classes are geared towards a more in-depth learning in Business Mandarin. Students will be taught Business Thinking in Mandarin and gain an in-depth exposure to business vocabulary.

There is also a stronger focus on the student’s own industry as we provide the opportunity to study material that they will use in their workplace.

Finally, students will have the opportunity to conduct and study business negotiation procedures.

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