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Agape School of Education is now a certified centre for language courses! It’s never too late to improve yourself or develop old skills. If you are a Singapore citizen aged 25 years and above, what better way to start than to pick up a new language!

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Jocelyn Yeow

Initially, I wanted to learn Korean so that I could watch Korean dramas and variety shows with greater ease. I did not want to miss out on......
By a OneSpiffy Ninjas August 1, 2017 Student Success Stories

Sophie-Simran Nijer

Sophie, being of Sikh-German heritage, decided to pursue German as her Mother tongue language in school. After obtaining approval to take the language as a private student,......
By a OneSpiffy Ninjas August 1, 2017 Student Success Stories


Jeanette’s education in French started when she was just 7. However, the cookie cutter approach to foreign language education meant that the syllabus was often too difficult......
By a OneSpiffy Ninjas August 1, 2017 Student Success Stories

Everything sounds better in French

Paris is often regarded as the city of love and by extension, French is viewed as the language of love. It is undeniable that certain languages simply......
By a OneSpiffy Ninjas August 9, 2017 Language, Language Hub

3 Places to Watch Foreign Films in Singapore

While Netflix, Amazon and Itunes have made watching movies at home convenient, the experience of going down to the movies with friends is one that is not......
By a OneSpiffy Ninjas July 30, 2017 Language, Language Hub, Learning

Awesome Free Korean Weobtoons to read (and reread)

Korean dramas have taken most of Asia (and arguably, the world) by storm. Thus it should be no surprise that their lesser-known cousin, the webcomic, has also......
By a OneSpiffy Ninjas July 29, 2017 Language, Language Hub

The different types of learning styles

There are many reasons teachers are unsung heroes, not least of all because every student has a different learning style. If they don’t understand the most effective......
By a OneSpiffy Ninjas July 26, 2017 Language Hub, Learning, Teaching

Teaching your kids is trickier than you think

In Singapore, we emphasise the need for bilingualism (even multilingualism, if possible) through our education system. All children are taught their mother tongue language alongside the English language, our......
By a OneSpiffy Ninjas July 19, 2017 Language Hub, Learning, Teaching

What is the best age to learn a language?

In Singapore, our curriculum is structured such that children are exposed to English and a second language at the tender age of 7. Many are exposed to......
By a OneSpiffy Ninjas July 12, 2017 Language, Language Hub, Learning

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