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Agape School of Education is now a certified centre for language courses! It’s never too late to improve yourself or develop old skills. If you are a Singapore citizen aged 25 years and above, what better way to start than to pick up a new language!

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Jeanette’s education in French started when she was just 7. However, the cookie cutter approach to foreign language education meant that the syllabus was often too difficult......
By OneSpiffy Ninjas August 1, 2017 Student Success Stories

Agape School of Education: Proven to Help You Succeed

For over 15 years, the Agape School of Education (ASOE) has helped our students succeed in the DELF/DALF. This year, our students, Bianca (Architect), Bella (Engineer), and......
By OneSpiffy Ninjas January 22, 2020 Student Success Stories

Love it to learn it: My French language journey in Singapore

When we’re young, it can be hard to ‘love’ learning a language. Especially if the language is chosen for you or forced upon you. Perhaps it isn’t......
By OneSpiffy Ninjas March 24, 2020 Student Success Stories

Smart strategies to master a foreign language that most schools won’t teach

Slang words and phrases are often viewed with scepticism. When learning a new language, the technical aspects such as syntax, grammar and conjugation are, of course, important.......
By OneSpiffy Ninjas June 3, 2020 Language, Learning

The only guide to learning a language online you will ever need

Learning a new language can be an exciting and rewarding. But often new learners can find the rules, structures, and nuances of a foreign language daunting. This......
By OneSpiffy Ninjas May 20, 2020 Language, Learning

Hacking language learning 101

Yet, language hacker Benny Lewis has built a whole business around becoming fluent in as little as 3 months! While there are no such things as shortcuts,......
By OneSpiffy Ninjas May 13, 2020 Language, Learning

How to keep in touch with a language on a daily basis

Learning a new language takes dedication and consistent practice. Textbooks are helpful but not enough. To truly master a language, you need to find ways to integrate......
By OneSpiffy Ninjas May 7, 2020 Language, Learning

English can be understood through tough thorough thought

With our current health pandemic causing widespread frustration and angst, we thought we’d take a break from our usual articles this week and do something more light-hearted!  Let's......
By OneSpiffy Ninjas April 29, 2020 Language

Your child’s first language includes more than words

If we look to the UNESCO, a child’s ‘Mother Tongue’ language is the first language learned in the home from older family members. Today, many of us view......
By OneSpiffy Ninjas April 22, 2020 Language, Learning

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