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Agape School of Education is now a certified centre for language courses! It’s never too late to improve yourself or develop old skills. If you are a Singapore citizen aged 25 years and above, what better way to start than to pick up a new language!

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Jocelyn Yeow

Initially, I wanted to learn Korean so that I could watch Korean dramas and variety shows with greater ease. I did not want to miss out on......
By OneSpiffy Ninjas August 1, 2017 Student Success Stories

Sophie-Simran Nijer

Sophie, being of Sikh-German heritage, decided to pursue German as her Mother tongue language in school. After obtaining approval to take the language as a private student,......
By OneSpiffy Ninjas August 1, 2017 Student Success Stories


Jeanette’s education in French started when she was just 7. However, the cookie cutter approach to foreign language education meant that the syllabus was often too difficult......
By OneSpiffy Ninjas August 1, 2017 Student Success Stories

How to learn a new language: Tips from language professors

How to learn a new language quickly with top language tips from language professors. There is no magic formula for improving your language skills in your native tongue or learning a new language....
By OneSpiffy Ninjas February 18, 2020 Language, Learning

Raising Bilingual Children: 10 Tips for Boosting Both Languages

Tips for boosting bilingualism in your child. Your toddler may think that he or she's a complete superhero — and when it comes to language acquisition, it's true! In particular, compared to adult language learners, children can pick up languages faster and more efficiently....
By OneSpiffy Ninjas February 15, 2020 Language, Learning

Education & Teaching – Language Acquisition

When it comes to early language acquisition research, evidence shows that with the support of parents, caregivers, and early childhood educators, as well as exposure to a......
By OneSpiffy Ninjas February 8, 2020 Language, Learning, Teaching

How Do I Become Fluent In A New Language?

“Speed and extent of learning determined by innate differences in how the various parts of the brain "talk" to one another.” The Telegraph Trying to acquire a second language......
By OneSpiffy Ninjas February 4, 2020 Language, Learning

Introduction to Spanish for Beginners (Part 1)

People have deeply ingrained habits. When a relationship is established, it is very difficult to alter the word of communication. You may decide to learn Spanish with......
By OneSpiffy Ninjas April 19, 2019 Language, Learning

Best Dictionary Apps to aid in language learning (Japanese)

We have scoured online, app stores and reviews by students and teachers to provide you with Part 3 of our Best Dictionary applications. We have compiled these......
By OneSpiffy Ninjas April 11, 2019 Language, Learning

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