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When we’re young, it can be hard to ‘love’ learning a language. Especially if the language is chosen for you or forced upon you. Perhaps it isn’t even an issue with the language, but rather how it is taught to you. Like many Singapore students, I took Mandarin as my ‘Mother Tongue’ in primary school. But I quickly realised that I simply did not enjoy it.

But instead of giving up on language, my parents decided to enrol me in another language as my ‘Mother Tongue In-lieu’. At the age of 10, this can seem to some as ‘too late’ or ‘too young’ to others; but this was when I joined the Agape School of Education (ASOE).

At the time, it seemed like an illogical decision because French wasn’t something I was interested in and it wasn’t a commonly-spoken language in Singapore. I asked myself, “what is the point?”

Boy, was I wrong. At that time, I couldn’t have begun to understand the true value of learning a new language nor the benefits I would gain from my tenure at ASOE.

Over my nine years with ASOE, I’ve not only picked up valuable skills, improved my mental agility and learned a new language, but I’ve grown to love the beautiful language that is French.

The credit for these benefits should go to the teachers I had at ASOE. They used many different techniques during their lessons, but what really stuck with me were the stories about the French culture. It piqued my interest in the subject!

Granted, French is not the easiest language to learn; in fact, it can be quite hard to grasp. But with the help of my wonderful teachers, I was able to quickly pick up the demanding tenses, vocabulary, as well as, French grammar.

When I sat for my GCE “O” Level Examinations, as every Secondary 4 student in Singapore must, I was confident and prepared. When I got my results, I was not disappointed because I had scored in the top two percentiles with an A2!

My lessons at ASOE made learning French not only fun, but something I looked forward to!I was so interested and passionate that I decided I wanted to attend the Ministry of Education Language Centre (MOELC) and further my French language qualifications. The MOELC is usually reserved for students who want to take a third language, an advantage given to students who score in the top 10% at the PSLEs. For all other private students, we have to sit an admissions test and pass the minimum examination requirements before we are offered a position.

I was very nervous. While I knew I had the passion and drive, I wasn’t sure if it would be enough to gain a place at the MOELC. But I need not have worried. With the strong foundation I achieved with the ASOE, I was able to secure a spot!

Although I am now focusing on my GCE “A” Level examinations and my classes at the MOELC, I will always recommend the ASOE to anyone looking to learn a new language, brush up on their existing language skills or looking for some help with their language journey.

If you think you don’t like learning languages or that it is not your forte, I ask you to first try a class at the Agape School of Education; where their motto is an “Unconditional Love for Languages”.

– Osby Angelo

We at the Agape School of Education wish Osby only the best! Although he is no longer with us, we are confident that he, like all our students, will always be among the best in their subjects; for they have shared in our love for language.



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