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For over 15 years, the Agape School of Education (ASOE) has helped our students succeed in the DELF/DALF. This year, our students, Bianca (Architect), Bella (Engineer), and Keane (Final Year Interior and Architectural Design Temasek Poly Student), topped the International DELF A1 examinations!

Agape prepares our students for their exams in record time, with most students exam-ready 25% faster than other language schools. In other centers, students often pay more for specialized prep courses, but the ASOE regular classes prepare our students so thoroughly that no extra or remedial lessons are required!

Since 2006, the ASOE has been preparing students for the DELF/DALF for adults, DELF Junior for Secondary Students, and DELF Prim for Primary Students. Our year three students who sat for the International DELF A1 made us proud with top percentile scores of 86/100, 86.5/100 and 90/100!

Our students have set our records for the highest score at the DELF/DALF with 99/100 at the DELF B1 (Adult Level) and 100/100 at the DELF Prim A2 (Primary Level).

What is the DELF/DALF?

The DELF / DALF are examinations of French language skills that confer internationally recognized diplomas on the recipient. These official diplomas issued by France’s national Ministry of Education. They are valid for life, awarded and recognized around the world as an evaluation of second-language proficiency.

The DELF and DALF officially certify the ability of students to use the French language in real-life situations based on the six competency levels identified within the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFRL) for Languages, an international standard.


Today, French is an official language in almost 50 countries. It is spoken by more than 200 million people on five continents. It is an official language of the United Nations as well as many other international organizations.

Why you need to take the DELF/DALF:

  • Acceptance to a university in France (and Universities within the Francophone countries) (B2 or C1/C2 level);
  • A diploma recognized internationally by the French speaking countries for (secondary and post-secondary education);
  • An official asset for your résumé to aid professional advancement;
  • Added opportunities to work in the Francophone region or countries, or a bilingual environment;
  • A wide range of attractive career opportunities throughout France and around the world;
  • Access to advancement within many careers.

At Agape School of Education, we’ve built and perfected our teaching style, curriculum and approach to give our students the best possible advantage. Trust us to help you succeed in your language journey. Our dedicated teachers and top-notch curriculum mean that you don’t just learn a language, but that you love it.

There is no better place to start your learning journey than at Agape School of Education.



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