Programmes for all languages and groups

We provide a range of programmes and tailored courses. Each programme and course is designed to your individual or groups language level. Scroll to view our range of programmes.


We offer IELTS, the International English Language Testing System, programmes for all students and adults desiring in advancing their career and prospects to the international marketplace.

Exam Preparation Courses

We offer multiple language exam preparation programmes for all students and adults. Ace the MOELC Admission Test, DELF/DALF, Goethe-Zertifikat, HSK, DELE, TOPIK, BCT (Mandarin) and JLPT with us!

Mother Tongue In-Lieu

We offer alternative and special second languages for children who have received the Ministry of Education (MOE) approval for their child to study for any of the languages we offer.


For children under the age of 5, Agape School of Education offers a Playgroup programme. The aim is to enable children to acquire listening, reading, writing and speaking skills through gestures, creative speech, songs and other fun activities.

French Expresso

Tailored for CEOs and high-level management personnel who desire to learn French amidst their busy schedules, French Expresso offers full flexibility with lessons customized to your convenience and specific learning needs.

English for Business Studies

English for Business studies is a course specialised for non-native English speakers. Providing the opportunity to speak on general topics, communicate in the business setting, and understand text on business organisation and management.

Mandarin for Business

Our Business Mandarin classes equips students and organisations with language, cultural and etiquette knowledge that is commonly used in a business setting.

German for Business

We offer two unique programmes for students and organisations along with our experienced team to provide you with a strong foundation in the German language and soft skills.


Empower your organization through quality language activities. We have worked with multiple organisations and government ministries in Singapore

Holiday Programmes

Our courses are designed to help you begin mastering a new language. Available both physically and online, the Holiday Program provides a foundation in languages that will help you succeed in your future studies.

Agape School of Education is your pathway to success.


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