Loyalty and Referral Programme

It’s our mission to help you find your perfect course with the best teachers and best price.

Being a student with ASOE means you are automatically enrolled to our Referral and Loyalty Program. You save up to 10% on your course, while also helping your friends or family members save on an awesome course!

We’re here to help you not just enjoy your language journey, but also feel good about it.



Are you ready to help your friends?

Introducing special referral discounts for your friends and family!

We are extending our support to your friends and family members by providing a discount when they register through your referral.

Current students or parents will receive a 10% discount whilst your friends will receive a 15% discount of the course for each term (3 months).

Former students or parents are able to provide friends with a 25% discount of the course for each term.

Come and learn languages today!

What is the process?

Register your friend or family member (referral) through the form including their interested course. We will provide an email and a Unique ID for your reference.

We will contact your referral and confirm their interest and registration.

Once they have registered, both yourself and your referral will receive the discounts. A confirmation email will be provided.

What are the discounts?

Special discounts are provided on occasion.

Our general referal and loyalty programme provides

  • students who are no longer studying at ASOE, with a general 25% discount for family members, friends or class mates (“referrals”).
  • student who are still studying at ASOE, will receive 10% discount and family members, friends or class mates (“referrals”) will receive 15% discount

When are the discounts valid?

The referral discounts are valid for each term of your course.

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