“Elite Class”: The Gifted Education Program for Foreign Languages

As we try to bridge the gap between online and traditional learning, it is important to take a step back and audit our progress as a society. For decades, Singaporean education was very traditional. Our exam-focused education system necessitated that teachers push...

Minister for Education on “being a student for life”

As teacher’s day comes and goes again this year, let’s look at some of the big changes happening in Singapore’s education system. The Joy of Learning, UPLIFT, and the One Education System Many Subject Bands are key prongs of Singapore’s new “Learn for Life” Movement....
What makes a good language teacher?

What makes a good language teacher?

As the face of education changes in response to the COVID pandemic and the quick adoption of online teaching, how has the role of the teacher changed? What makes a good language teacher in the world that we live in today? Current research into teaching techniques has...

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