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A showcase of students, from diverse backgrounds and capabilities, who have succeeded with the Agape way of foreign language tuition. 

At the Agape School of Education (ASOE), we have taken a unique approach to language tuition or foreign language education. In Singapore, we often forget the joy of learning while chasing grades or test scores. However, numerous studies have found that when you enjoy and engage with the subject, students perform better! 

Language is such a broad and diverse topic that it is possible for any student to find joy or engagement with some part of the language. In this article, we present some students who have gone through the Agape School of Education journey and found success!

Introducing Eitan

Eitan became an ASOE superstar at the tender age of 9 by consistently performing outstandingly in several foreign language programs. Perhaps he is a child prodigy, and much of his success must be attributed to Eitan and his supportive parents. However, much of his language journey was facilitated by the ASOE. When we committed to nurturing him, we had no idea how successful and enjoyable he would find our classes! Today, Eitan has successfully learned 14 foreign languages and can fluently write and speak in 10 of them!

But this is exactly what we aim to do at the ASOE. We analyse each and every student to understand their motivations, interests and strengths. Then we design a learning plan methodically, ensuring that the student is always in tune with what’s most aligned to their calling – which is why all our courses are customizable and personalizable!

Seeing Eitan’s natural interest and aptitude for languages, we slowly introduced him to more languages apart from the Japanese and Korean languages he initially joined our school to learn. Don’t believe us? Just watch the video below to see how much joy he had with our unique course design. 

Supportive Parents

Yes, multilingualism does improve cognitive function. There is a plethora of research that validates this point. It’s true. The more languages you know, the better you are at processing and understanding different types of issues. In fact, this is the main reason that parents expose their children at an early age to foreign languages. This also helps the kids to acquire better

problem solving skills, better critical thinking skills, be more creative, better flexibility of mind, enhanced memory with much better multi-tasking abilities.

All of this further help to promote better academic performance, as is witnessed in Eitan.

Watch this video to see what his mother had to say about nurturing and supporting successful independent learning in your child

The ‘Atas’ Class for Gifted Students

In view of these types of exceptional students, we have recently launched a new offering, the ‘Atas’ Class. This program is intended to fit the rapidly growing needs of naturally inclined students, which includes inspiring our advanced students, avoiding frustration within classrooms and to allow these students to continue falling in love with the language at their own self-directed pace.



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