Mother Tongue in Lieu courses at the ASOE follow the MOE syllabus so students can easily integrate knowledge from classes.

German in Lieu of Mother Tongue

If your children are attending a local school in Singapore but don’t speak one of the three main mother tongue languages at home (Chinese, Malay or Tamil), they may be eligible to get an approval from the Ministry of Education to study another language in-lieu. German and French are two of the most popular languages that students take up in lieu of their mother tongue. 

These mother tongue in lieu students are often students who join the school system mid-stream from non-MTL speaking countries, or students with at least one parent who is foreign born and of non-Chinese, Malay or Indian ethnicity.

The Agape School of Education follows a unique and custom language program that is matched to the MOE syllabus. Our German teachers are native speakers who are passionate about language!

Currently, foreign languages are taught outside of normal school curriculum. Every week, students commute to one of the two MOE Language Centre campuses. It’s a unique institution as it not only complements normal secondary and post-secondary education, it is also an MOE institution that focuses solely on teaching foreign languages. The MOELC also caters to different types of students. Namely, those who are learning a third language and those who are learning a foreign language as their mother tongue in lieu. The alumni of this school are poised to be powerful instruments and players in Singapore’s globalisation policy simply because they have widened their communication capabilities.

These Mother Tongue in Lieu students may have some basic knowledge, but our ASOE courses can build up that foundation. Our teachers, together with the structured environment and careful nurturing, make the learning process smooth and enjoyable. Be it a group class or a private, individual class, ASOE ensures that our students leave with a firm grasp of the language.

Singapore Mother Tongue in Lieu tuition for French, German, Japanese at the ASOE come strongly recommended by our alumni!

At every level of learning, periodic internal tests and year-end examinations are conducted to monitor progress. Our students’ class attendance and results are made known to MOE regularly, emphasising the seriousness of ASOE as a language school.

Advantages of German language in lieu of a mother tongue 

  • A mother tongue in lieu language is not examinable at the PSLE level
  • Your child will be able to get qualified at the GCE O and A level
  • Students can still take lessons in Chinese, Malay or Tamil – they just won’t need to take the tests!
  • Discover another culture and develop a unique skill, which can open doors and bring new opportunities to your child

The ASOE is strongly recommended for students and adults who want to learn a new language, build a strong foundation and nurture self-confidence. Teachers will go the extra mile, be it to adjust lesson schedules to accommodate the students’ busy schedules or to update lesson plans as per the students’ interests. The school and its staff uphold excellence and professionalism in all areas of learning, ensuring learners that they are in good hands.

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