We offer a wide range of courses, which follow the Ministry of Education syllabus for students taking a third language or those under the Mother Tongue In-Lieu programme.

The Agape School of Education – The Premiere Language School of Singapore


For over 15 years, the Agape School of Education (ASOE) has helped our students succeed in their language goals. It all starts with our teachers. A good mix of native and non-native speakers, our teachers learn from one another and become better teachers with the singular goal to help their students learn effectively. In addition, many of our teachers are multilingual! So, while they may teach their mother tongue, they also have experience learning other languages, which allows them the experience and skills needed to connect with their students.

Having a passion for what you teach is another priceless advantage of our teachers because the teacher’s enthusiasm is contagious not only to their students but to other teachers as well. While our teachers can inspire and motivate, learning is also in the hands of the student. 

That’s why we keep our classes small so our teachers can connect with their students on a personal level. This helps them tailor their lessons and teaching approaches to the individual student. Learning a new language is a beneficial way to help students understand their own mother tongue. At the ASOE, we combine the technical aspect of language with the cultural. This reinforces the love of the language and helps the student better grasp the language. Our goal is to impart knowledge and inspire passion in our students, and our coaching approach helps our students deal with the emotional aspect of learning a new language. This is the sort of cultural grounding in which we base our language lessons. It is important to understand the history behind linguistic schematics to facilitate a better understanding of the language. Our unique approach to teaching languages is what has led our students to success.

Using a variety of methods and training materials, our teachers find and employ what works best for their students. Be it providing students with a variety of reading materials, encouraging conversation or using different types of media, our methods are diverse. Our curriculum is unique because we place importance on the culture of a language. We do this because we know that inspiring a love of the language will breed passion in our students, which will lead them to realise their goals.

Unique language courses in Singapore

If you’re a BTS world fan, we’ve got customizable Korean language courses available!

At ASOE, conversation is a key focus. We offer a wide range of courses, which follow the Ministry of Education syllabus for students taking a third language or those under the Mother Tongue In-Lieu programme. We also offer Japanese language courses up to crash prep courses for the JPT; affordable German language courses with exam prep for the Goethe-Zertifikat; Mandarin language classes including business Mandarin; and if you’re a BTS world fan, we’ve got customizable Korean language courses available! 

Baby and toddler playgroups

For children under the age of five, the ASOE offers a Playgroup programme where toddlers can meet and interact with one another in a controlled linguistic environment. The aim of this programme is to enable children to acquire listening, reading, writing and speaking skills in a second language through gesture, creative speech, song and other fun activities. We expose our students to new languages in a way that helps them develop their learning skills freely (without constraint) and boosts their creativity.

We understand that at their level, a linguistically oriented course will not capture their interest or attention spans. This group environment allows them to explore and increase their knowledge faster and more efficiently. Our flexible and adaptable program allows teachers to customise activities to suit every situation and all students.

Spanish language courses in Singapore

We also offer two types of Spanish language courses, the form taught in Spain and that in Latin America. Our courses also cover Spanish for business purposes and preparation courses for all levels of the Spanish language certification, Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera (Diplomas of Spanish as a Foreign Language; DELE). We have tailored our course materials to follow the standard set by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Arabic language classes for professionals

Whether you are a student of ancient history, religion, or archaeology learning the Arabic language will give you a leg up. Whether that’s in carrying out your research, or making plans to travel to an Arabic-speaking country like Egypt or Morocco, or to better get in touch with the culture, learning Arabic will help. As the language of the world’s second largest religion, the Arabic language will allow you to immerse yourself into an interesting new culture, perhaps help to change a few stereotypes, enhance your travels and supplement your academic pursuits or career goals.

Online and Blended learning courses

As the rise of digital blending learning has grown so rapidly, the ASOE has adopted several unique strategies to our school program to allow students to maximize their learning efficiency. Our ‘Blended Learning’ Approach and ‘100% Online’ courses will give students the opportunity to practice their skills, outside of the classroom, on their own time, at their own pace and in their own space. When properly implemented, blending learning can result in improved student’s success, satisfaction, and retention. We are sure blending learning using technology in and beyond the language classroom can become a powerful force for you.

MOE-Approved and internationally renowned curriculum

We believe that the key to success is to maximise our students’ potential to learn. To attain this goal, our teachers individually identify their students’ learning techniques and adapt their teaching styles. We also use a range of teaching materials, from textbooks to videos, and even games and puzzles. While there are a good variety of textbooks out in the market, there is rarely a textbook that fits our in-house curriculum. Therefore, we have specially designed in-house textbooks and materials to help our students learn efficiently and effectively. Finally, while we have numerous courses spanning different languages, for students and adults, our curriculum is always modifiable. So, should you require an MOELC-based course or one for business, we are here to help! Our curriculum is unique because we place importance not only on learning but also on inspiring and enjoying the learning process.

We do this because we know that inspiring a love of the language will breed passion in our students, which will lead them to realise their goals. 

Some of our other programmes include the IELTS preparation courses, DELF/DALF preparation courses, MOELC Admission test coaching, the Goethe-Zertifikat (German), the JLPT (Japanese), DELE (Spanish), TOPIK (Korean), HSK (Mandarin) and BCT (Mandarin)

We also offer affordable professional and business courses such as our French Expresso (French Business Conversation for upper management) and English for Business Studies courses.

As a registered SkillsFuture centre, any eligible persons aged 25 years and above may use their SkillsFuture fund for a language course at the ASOE. Call us today to find out how!

The Agape School of Education. An Unconditional Love for Languages.

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