For many people, National Service (NS) is characterised as a time of tough physical work and character development. For two years, our Singapore men trade in their school uniforms for army greens to serve and protect our country. As most full-time national servicemen (NSFs) spend a significant portion of time in camp, whatever time they have in the evenings and on weekends should be spent in a prudent and efficient manner. One excellent way to utilise this time is to pick up a new language!

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Bryan Ho preparing to take the French international diploma (DELF)

Your NS period is a very good time to learn a new language because you can focus entirely on it. It is common for students to be wary of taking foreign languages in university because it has one of the heaviest workloads and it can be difficult to score in that subject, potentially messing up your GPA/CAP. Another common trend is for students to pick up the language and drop after a few semesters, which is a further waste of precious time. This is why the NS period is perfect! You exercise your body and your mind. By keeping your mind active, you also prevent yourself from losing touch with the ‘study’ mindset. This makes the transition after NS to further education or work easier.

Using this time to learn a new language is not just efficient, it has long-term benefits. Students who intend to go for a student exchange programme during university or who intend to attend an overseas university, gain an upper-hand if they speak the language. Why deny yourself a head start?

More and more NSFs are enrolling in part-time courses while serving their NS. They attend classes in the evenings when they book out of camp and also during the weekends. At Agape School of Education, the flexibility of our courses is crucial in helping you learn. Classes are tailored for the student and can be scheduled around book-out timings.

If you’re worried about your supervisors, don’t be! A survey recently showed that army supervisors were lenient and supportive of their NSF’s private studies, allowing them to leave on time to go for classes. It’s inevitable that you may need to miss a week of lessons from time to time because an NSF’s first priority is your service to your country. We understand this and our teachers can build a structured programme that will fit your needs.

It’s not necessary to put your studies and career on hold while you serve. In fact, it’s not recommended. Learning a new language or even keeping in touch with one you’ve already learnt will keep you from forgetting knowledge and skills! This will not only prepare you for the life awaiting after NS but also equip you with credentials that benefit your further education and future career. Be efficient with how you spend your time during your NS. Contact Agape School of Education to find out how we can help you develop, enhance and protect your skills.

Here are two examples of students who efficiently used their free time during their NS period to pick up a new language:

  1. Bryan Ho prepared for to take the French international diploma (DELF) at the B1 level while serving his NS. He passed with an excellent grade and later used his knowledge in French to enter a university in the United States.
  2. Derong Lin discovered his love for writing in French at Agape School of Education! While he was preparing to sit for the DELF examination at the B2 level, he wrote about his experience with the French language. His article can be found on our blog!

    Agape School of Education helped him develop skills that he later used during his tenure as a student in the School of Design and Environment at the National University of Singapore (NUS). Thanks to his knowledge of the French language, Derong was also chosen by NUS for a 6-month internship in Paris, France.

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