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Start Date07/06/2022


Time19.30 - 21.00

Sessions12 Sessions

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Description and Outline of Course

For those students who intend to sit for the Goethe-Zertifikat exam, you can consider starting your learning journey with Agape School of Education. We intend to prepare our students for a period of 4 terms (72 hours of learnings)# to be able to sit for Goethe-Zertifikat exam.

German A1.1 (1st Term)

A1.1 Course fee for 12 sessions: $300 ***currently we do not have SkillsFuture Grant to offset this course fee
Textbook & Workbook: $78
One time registration: $30
Total fee: $408

12 sessions per tem
1.5 session per session
Once a week (Tuesday: 7.30pm to 9.00pm)
Total: 18 hours per term

#4 terms (72 hours of learnings): A1.1 (18 hours) + A1.2 (18 hours) + A1.3 (18 hours) + A1.4 (18hours)

Lesson Plan for A1.1 (12 sessions)

Starten Wir ! A1 ~ Hueber
A1.1 Communication Grammar Vocabulary
Chapter 1
Lesson 1 Will be able to present someone regular verb conjugation verbs: to want, to speak, to be Personal pronouns definitive articles sentence structure, Y/N questions, W-questions Local preposition aus, in Names, first names greetings alphabet Internationalisms countries cities languages numbers from 0 to 10 phone numbers emails
Lesson 2 Will be able to recognize International words
Lesson 3 & 4 Will be able to ask for the name and country, languages, personal information
Chapter 2
Lesson 5 Will be able to talk about how someone feels Will be able to greet and say good buy noun building -in indefinite article negative article possessive article verb conjugation Cities world wide family members all different kind of relationships numbers from 11 to 1000
Lesson 6 Will be able to ask for identity of people
Lesson 7 Will be able to ask for information about family and understand the answers
Lesson 8 Will be able to talk about friends and ask for more personal personal information
Chapter 3
Lesson 9 Will be able to talk about food and drinks verb conjugation to be, to have verbs with vowel change imperative singular and plural of nouns zero article verb sentence structure Y/N questions and their answers food drinks colors prices amounts and money frequency
Lesson 10 Will be able to talk about colors, preferred foods and drinks and express what one needs
Lesson 11 Will be able to talk about the different means and ask about preferences
Lesson 12 Will be able to go shopping and understand price and amounts

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Overview of this Course's Tutor and Instructor

Mr Arnd Von Rueden

Arnd von Rueden, a native German speaker, first moved his family to Singapore in 2016 after having worked for large international German corporations for over 20 years. His expertise involves business consulting and training. Arnd has experience with tutoring others in technical skills, and English- and German-language fluency. In 2019, he joined the ASOE as a German language teacher. As a versatile teacher, Arnd is capable of teaching primary or secondary school exam preparation, and customised adult courses. His classes and individual teaching assignments include both beginners and advanced learners.


Overview of Fees included within the total course price

Materials FeeSGD$78.00

Course Registration FeeSGD$30.00