We offer Mother Tongue In-Lieu classes at the Primary School level

We offer Mother Tongue In-Lieu classes at the Primary School, Secondary School and JC level.

Languages offered in lieu of Mother Tongue

at Agape School of Education

At Agape School of Education, we offer alternative and special second languages for children who have received the Ministry of Education (MOE) approval for their child to study for any of  the following six mentioned languages, which are:

Foreign Languages 

  • French
  • German
  • Japanese

Asian languages

  • Arabic
  • Hindi
  • Thai


At Agape School of Education, we believe that learning a language is essential for a growing child as it helps to ensure that they develop in terms of cultural and intellectual capacities. When a child learns a second language, he/she is guaranteed to benefit the following amongst several others:

  1. Overcoming language loss and performing well in other mainstream subjects related to
    culture, science, and humanities, amongst others.
  2. It increases the child’s self-esteem as this helps him/her to hold positive attitude
    towards his/her mother tongue or that which he/she learns in place of it.

Mother Tongue In-Lieu

Agape School of Education Language Studies

Good news is that you can get exemption for your child from the three official mother tongues and choose other languages in-lieu. To achieve this, you basically have to apply for approval from the Ministry of Education (MOE) and the process is as follows:

  1. Approach your child’s school Principal about the matter and be informed of the MOE
    approved procedure.
  2. Fill the form and take it to your child’s school and they will forward it to the Ministry of
    Education. MOE response time is approximately one month.
  3. Once approved, bring the letter to Agape School of Education (ASE) and we will take
    care of the language program and training, as we are fully MOE certified.
  4. Our highly experienced educators are the best so far in the country and we guarantee a
    learning system that is provided in a fun and interactive way!

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What are the advantages of studying

at Agape School of Education (ASE)?

  1. Your child will be exempted from taking test on their choice of Mother Tongue Language for the PSLE and he/she would also not have to take any exams in their Mother Tongue all through primary school.
  2. With the MOE approval, your child will continue to be exempted from studying Mother Tongue Language all through Secondary School and Junior College.
  3. Your child will have adequate time to focus on their fundamental subjects such as Math, Science and English.
  4. It is an unlimited prospect for your child to find out more about some other relevant culture and language. The languages learned are highly valued in the international job marketplace.

We have been offering these courses since 2006 hence, we are fully experienced in these fields with the best of educators available and with a learning system carried out in a very serene and comfortable environment. We always strive for innovative ways to simplify and expedite the sustenance of your child’s language learning process.

The goal and mission of the aforementioned language programs, is to offer a platform for all children to cultivate applicable skills in a second language with respect to their various age groups. If your child has been exempted from the compulsory mother tongue languages he/she is welcome and fully admissible to study any of our above-mentioned official languages in lieu of Mother Tongue at ASE.

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