Play is far more powerful for children than many parents realize. It's actually the key to learning.

Learning through play

We are naturally creative, musical and artistic beings. It’s true! That is how we have innovated and built up our society over centuries. Yet, today, most children spend less time physically playing, creating imaginary games and having meaningful interactions than they do on screens. Many of our children are becoming socially isolated because their leisure […]

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Language learning tips that will get you to learn a new language effectively online, during home-based learning.

Home-Based Learning: How to teach your kids a new language online

With the circuit breaker rules and tightened restrictions, many parents have been forced to tutor their children at home via home-based learning (HBL) in recent weeks. While this is different from home-schooling your children, because there is still support from schools in this instance, the challenges are widely the same.  Many parents have jumped online, […]

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What is the best age to learn a language?

In Singapore, our curriculum is structured such that children are exposed to English and a second language at the tender age of 7. Many are exposed to a second language at a younger age as their parents are bi- or multi-lingual. Many researchers have published studies indicating that a exposure to a second language at […]

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The Efficiency Principle

For many people, National Service (NS) is characterised as a time of tough physical work and character development. For two years, our Singapore men trade in their school uniforms for army greens to serve and protect our country. As most full-time national servicemen (NSFs) spend a significant portion of time in camp, whatever time they […]

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Ushering in the new

In the spirit of the new year, we at Agape School of Education, have also launched our new, updated website! Although we have not forgotten the old, we understand that today, it is important to keep updating ourselves and our digital profile. As technology advances, websites are constantly evolving in terms of functionality, design and […]

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Playing to learn: Benefits of the playgroup

Humans are naturally creative, musical and artistic. Yet, our children today are spending less time physically playing, creating imaginary games, and interacting with others meaningfully. Many are becoming socially isolated because their leisure time is spent in front of a computer or television, or with a helper. Studies have shown that this affects their ability […]

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