Secondary to JC




General Overview of this Course


LevelGermania 3 (13 - 18 years old)

Start Date29/03/2021


Time5.45 - 7.15

Sessions12 Sessions

StatusOngoing Class



Description and Outline of Course


In addition to our regular program, we also offer special courses called GERMANIA that is linked to the school regular program, which follow the Singapore syllabus which is conducted in German speaking environment.

This special program is exclusively tailored to meet

  • the needs of children with German Parents or
  • children who have started their schooling in Germany and
  • have returned/migrated to Singapore.
  • Germania 1 – Pri 1 to Pri 3
  • Germania 2 – Pri 4 to Pri 6
  • Germania 3 – Secondary to JC

This program does not only focus only on the German language. Other content-based subjects are conducted in German such as History, Geography, which will be touched upon lightly with extra subjects like culture and morale. This program gives equal emphasis to the cultural aspect of language learning through cultural activities and cross-cultural discussions. Germania does not only give your child an environment to keep in touch with the language but will also ensure that, should these children return to Germany, they will achieve German-English bilingual, bicultural proficiency to immerse seamlessly back into the German school system. This program is structured by modules that will allow the children to join at any level after a placement test. The duration/term for each module is three months in 12 sessions with 1.5 hours per session. At the end of each term the child will have to sit for a test.


Overview of this Course's Tutor and Instructor

Ms Beatrice Dittrich

A native German, Beatrice has worked in the UK, Spain, Japan and, since 2018, Singapore. She started her career in multinational companies, working predominantly in the marketing, communication and sales sectors before becoming self-employed. After becoming a mother, it became increasingly important for her to cultivate her child’s imersion into her native German language. As a result, she developed a great interest in language education and eventually decided to delve into full-time teaching while expanding her professional expertise. Her courses are tailored for improving langauge skills in German-speaking children who grow up in multi-lingual environments.


Overview of Fees included within the total course price

Materials FeeSGD$15.00

Course Registration FeeSGD$30.00