Your baby’s first words can tell you how their brain works

Your child’s first language includes more than words

If we look to the UNESCO, a child’s ‘Mother Tongue’ language is the first language learned in the home from older family members. Today, many of us view multilingualism as a means of geographical and economic mobility or migration. Indeed, multilingualism increasingly appears to be the new global norm. In Singapore, particularly, multilingualism is part of […]

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Which languages are good to learn for the future?

Languages that will dominate in the next 50 years

Today, we speak a variety of languages around the world. But as technology and globalization brings us closer together, it is projected that about 30 years from now, the languages of the future will be dominated by the major languages of today. If you’re looking to learn a new language that you want to use […]

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How To Avoid Frustration At Learning A New Language

The easiest time in one’s life to learn a new language is childhood or adolescence as this is the time when everything is fresh and new, and the groundwork for learning is being laid. However, this does not mean that you cannot learn a new language as an adult! There may be some difficulties when […]

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Is It Dyslexia?

Dyslexia is one of the many learning disabilities that have an effect on language and the acquisition of new knowledge. However, dyslexia is often mistaken for other related learning disabilities. So, how do you know if you have dyslexia? We highlight some of the common symptoms and provide strategies on how to overcome dyslexia. We’ll […]

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