German Teacher Training Workshop

for continued learning


As part of our commitment to keep our teaching standards and materials up-to-date and relevant to our students, the Agape School of Education (ASOE) frequently organizes and participates in training workshops for language teachers.

On the 27th of February, our German department organized a spectacular training workshop for our teachers. However, this was not a typical training workshop. We invited Lukas Mayrhofer and Daniel Krasa, the creators of the famous German language textbooks from Hueber Verlagspent, in Germany, to guide the session.

During this workshop, new teaching approaches, including variations of methodical input for learners of all age groups and different levels, were presented. The guest speakers also elaborated on incorporating effective techniques into our daily teaching. For example, our students can look forward to the inclusion of new video material and language games as some of the unique elements the ASOE has adopted.

The ASOE has always been committed to maintaining our high standards of teaching and student support. By leveraging cutting-edge techniques and continuously reviewing our approaches, our curriculum and methods are always on par with the latest professional standards.