Agape School of Education

A Holistic Approach to Language Education


To provide quality Language Coaching solutions for all purposes.

To provide a conducive and accessible learning environment for all our students.


Agape School of Education believes in:

Providing the best teachers to facilitate effective student learning
Preparing students competency for their future careers holistically
Ensuring the highest standards from our teachers and programmes

We are a language school committed to our student’s success. With our dedicated teachers, an engaging curriculum and the contagious excitement of our students, there is no better place to start your learning journey.


ἀγάπη (agape) — Our Core

In Greek, the word ἀγάπη (agape) refers to illimitable love of the highest order. This is our core value—we strive to show this love to our students and it has led us to be committed to the excellence of every single student. Because we would like to extend this love beyond our students, our dedicated and enthusiastic teachers strive to bridge distances between people through teaching languages and the culture each language.

Go ἀγάπη

Here, we are using ἀγάπη in the sense of a verb (an act) to define our pedagogy. We take the approach of focusing on each individual’s unique needs for language learning along with providing students with caring teachers who have a love for teaching. With this method, we have gotten the best results for students in the most efficient way possible. That is why we refer to this process as ‘go ἀγάπη’. We cut no corners and pull no tricks. The results, however, match each individual’s language learning goals. Most importantly, our methods stick. Learners choosing our language school in Singapore for their language learning will acquire the language effectively and learn about new dimensions to languages they have learnt before.
Specialisms through ἀγάπη
Another advantage we possess is real-world local and business knowledge, enhanced with a live network of qualified individuals. This greatly helps the individual acquiring a language for travelling, working or studying. However, it is not just individuals who benefit— we have had success helping larger organizations such as businesses to further develop talent. Our network not only provides incisive and current information on business and local culture in various locales, they are available to serve as real-time, in-person guides to make the entire experience seamless.

Adjusting ἀγάπη—Keeping up with the times

We began our language school in Singapore in 2006. Back then, it was considered the best practice to engage only native speakers as language teachers. However, we have since discovered that non-natives add to the wealth of our learner’s experience. As such, we have changed this rule to enrich our learners’ experiences.
The availability of engaging non-native teachers presents another aspect of our pedagogy. We are inspired by how these individuals learn languages from their mother tongue to the target language. Whilst we retain natives in our language teaching formula, we enhance our pedagogy by adding these successful adapters as teachers for students of the same ethnicity. They serve as great models to learners sharing the same ethnicity, and they are able to give useful tips for learning the language that a native speaker may be unable to provide. For example, we have non-native teachers as French language educators. You can find Vietnamese-French, Indian-French, Arabic-French, Chinese-French and African-French teachers that can help you more in your language learning journey.
This trend is on the upward climb as cultural exchange grows through the process of globalization. We know for a fact that learning can be even more efficient when your teacher has been through the same experience of learning the language and cares about your success.

ἀγάπη Success

As you can see above, engaging our language school will ensure you get only the best for your language learning experience in Singapore. Our patient and caring teachers will teach you all you need to succeed. Our learners will walk away more well-rounded individuals. Like we have established in our core definition, we bridge mind to heart to soul. While we are a language school, we aim to provide a holistic experience for each and every learner. This is ἀγάπη success, and all this achieved without doctus cum libro (dead learning).