Agape School of Education

Our Approach

Agape School of Education believes that through learning language, we learn about culture. Through learning about culture, we learn respect for others. Through learning respect for others, we can hope for peace. For you to learn a language, you need to first love it. This makes that if you join one of our language classes, you will experience a different way of teaching. We are an MOE registered language school.

We Start With You
Everyone’s need and motivation for a language is different. Do you want to learn Japanese to prepare for studying in Tokyo? Do you love K-Pop and want to be able to understand Korean songs and drama in its native language? We want to get to know you, so that we can ensure you get the kind of teaching that you need.
Variety Of Courses
We have different learning tracks depending on your goals for learning the language. For example, we have French beginner’s and elementary courses that cover all aspects of the language, but depending on your needs, there is also a French Expresso course series, which covers conversational French.
Our courses are designed to prepare you for internationally recognised proficiency tests such as DELF-DALF for French, TOPIK for Korean, DELE for Spanish, JLPT for Japanese etc. In our courses for Secondary School and Junior College students, we follow MOELC’s curriculum.
Corporate Language Courses
We also offer customized corporate courses for companies in the following languages: Mandarin, French, Korean, Japanese and Arabic. Are you aching to get started learning with us? Find out more about our school of education by checking out the language courses we offer!
Constant Improvement
During your course, you learn a language from us. But we diligently collect feedback from you and act on it. If you know how we can improve our courses, we will seek to learn from you.
Providing a quality education is our top priority. We value your learning experience and your development and that is why our students choose to stay with us.
Small Class Size
Language means communication. Learning a language needs interaction and communication during lessons. Since our classes have only 8 learners in them, our teacher can work effectively with each one. You will find yourself in role plays and other situations, which will help you communicate confidently in the language you are learning. We also offer customized courses related to specific professions or subjects. Just contact us to find out more!