Message from our General Manager

Angel Loy

General Manager

Dear Students,

Welcome to the ‘way of the winner’. Write down today’s date and declare that the happiest and most productive days of your life begin today. A productive life is not an accident. At Agape School of Education everything we do is about love for the language, teaching and for our student’s success. Successful people are problem-solvers and by engaging Agape School of Education to help you solve your language problems, you demonstrate your willingness to succeed.

We can teach you to communicate and relate well with others, as well as, understand other cultures. Because teaching is what we enjoy, we try our very best to coach you to success. The ability to communicate opens doors and presents you with possibilities that would have been inaccessible otherwise.

Our teachers are a healthy mix of native and non-native speakers, all of whom learn from each other and strive to be better teachers. No matter what their background, their main focus is to equip our students with the skills needed to exceed their own expectations.

- Angel Loy