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“Die Grenzen meiner Sprache bedeuten die Grenzen meiner Welt – The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.”

The quote above was famously said by Ludwig Wittgenstein, an Austrian-born philosopher who spent most of his life in England, including teaching at Cambridge. So what does it mean? Wittgenstein said, “The limits of my language are the limits of my mind. All I know is what I have words for.” To learn a language is to understand, learn and explore. Understanding and language are inseparable components, but, of course, the extent to which we can be understood will be limited if our audience lacks the language to follow what we say.

In today’s world, learning a new language is considered an easy feat, and in fact, it has become a requirement in many cultures and countries. Sooner than later, we will no longer have monolingual people as language skills are nowadays crucial for achieving professional success.

But why a language school? Can’t we learn via apps and online? 

Many come with these questions when it comes to Language Schools. Apps, online crash courses and YouTube videos are definitely helpful in enhancing your language skills. Still, to learn the fundamentals and create a good foundation, one will always need a knowledgeable source. 

Reasons why a language school should be your No. 1 choice for language learning: 

  1. Supervision and Guidance at every level.
    One can be a master or beginner when it comes to language learning. Mentors and tutors who work in language schools are precisely trained for this job. They are prepared for various learning scenarios and deal with individual characters and different learning approaches. Teachers have the knowledge necessary to explain grammar and language structures clearly. It will be easier for you to learn pronunciation and enunciation.

  2. Conversation with the right group
    In order to learn a language, you need to speak, make mistakes, and understand when others speak to you regardless of accent. By joining a language school, you will be presented with all the scenarios imaginable and will have the opportunity to learn as you go. The conversations will probably be guided and based on exercises; you will also talk casually about everyday topics. This is one of the essential benefits of language schools because it’s the one thing you don’t get to do when you study by yourself.

  3. Organised lessons with the right resources
    All your lessons in a language school will be organised for you with suitable material from quality resources. You will have no need to scourge for materials, and instead, you show up and participate in the class. This takes away the pressure of planning your lessons and lets you just enjoy the language. There will also be tests, which is an excellent opportunity to measure how you excelled in the process of learning.

  4. Motivation
    The classes themselves will be the motivation to study. You can go easy on yourself when you learn alone, but once you’ve paid for classes, you feel motivated to attend them. Your competitive edge can also kick in, and you will want to do your best out of the group. You will not feel discouraged by learning humps because you can always count on your teacher and seek help from them.

A Preeminent Polyglot: Loy Xing-Yi 

When a star pupil and amazingly talented Loy Xing-Yi was definitely a match made in a linguist heaven, Agape School of Education educated and enhanced her language skills, nurtured her and kept her drive going as a natural-born language aficionado. She speaks 11 languages but to achieve the right mastery; she chose Agape School of Education to enhance her French skills. 

Xing-Yi describes picking up a new language as preparing for a new battle. What is a battle if not preparation, knowledge, guidance and continuous training? Mentors who go above and beyond, guidance provided by skilled and experienced tutors have no real-world replacement. 

The insightful and dedicated teachers at Agape School of Education who ranks among the best teachers she has ever met in her 12 years studying French in Singapore. It is challenging to find a qualified teacher to teach students at the C2 level of proficiency, but Agape School of Education has been fantastic doing just that.

Xing-Yi serves as an example of how even the most natural-born language lover needs a solid to excel. Excellence in education is not a race, nor does it have a finishing line. It is a marathon that keeps you unlocking new skill badges along the way. At Agape School of Education, we believe in standing with you for every level and guiding you in your quest.

At Agape School of Education, we focus on our Quest to Excellence in Education. Educating tomorrow’s world simply does not have a shortcut, and we believe in providing quality education and language learning to the utmost standards. 



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