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Like many more Singaporean children today, I spent part of my childhood overseas, in Germany. When I returned to Singapore in Secondary 3, I had the opportunity to continue studying Geman as my Mother Tongue In-lieu. However, like any new student to the Ministry of Education (MOE) curriculum, it was very overwhelming. As I struggled to find my feet, I was lucky enough to find out about the Agape School of Education from another student. Realising, I needed the help, I quickly joined, and it has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Most people don’t realise that to take a foreign language in Singapore, under MOE, you have to travel to designated language centres for lessons. It’s not as simple as walking into Mandarin class.

But that’s not all. To be accepted into the Ministry of Education Language Centre (MOELC) foreign language courses, I was required to write the MOELC admissions test. Being new to the country, I had little knowledge or experience of MOE and the Mother Tongue In-Lieu admissions tests. Luckily, the ASOE has over ten years of experience preparing students for the MOELC Admissions test. 

With the help, guidance and valuable materials provided to me by the ASOE and my tutors, I had no trouble gaining a seat in the MOELC German Department. I can honestly say that since Day 1, the ASOE has always helped me improve my German language skills. Every teacher who has taught me was accommodating. As a naturally curious person, I have always asked questions to learn. This was encouraged by my tutors at the ASOE, who never hesitated to answer my questions. The small class sizes also helped me get the attention I needed to learn effectively and efficiently. 

My results speak for themselves. Recently, with the help of the ASOE, I’ve scored an A1 in German for my GCE “O” level examination and am now taking German at the JC H1 level. I also intend to site for the C1 German international Diploma with the help of the ASOE. I would definitely encourage anyone wanting to learn a new language, students who want to score high in their GCE “O” or “A” levels, or people who want international language qualifications to start with the ASOE. It’s worth it.

Yours Sincerely,

Prudhvi Reddy



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