Introduction to Spanish for Beginners (Part 1)

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People have deeply ingrained habits. When a relationship is established, it is very difficult to alter the word of communication. You may decide to learn Spanish with a partner who is the native speaker, but more frequently than not you’ll see yourselves defaulting backwards to English, because “it’s just easier”.

Attempting to learn Spanish with friends and family may be discouraging. You’re starting to stutter, you won’t be able to communicate yourself the way you normally do, and the fantastic sense of humour you may have suddenly grows lacking. You’ll seem ashamed that you’re representing the inconvenience to them (although most of this experience is a bigger trade for you than it is for them).

Pronunciation is the biggest difference between Spanish words and their English cousins. For beginners trying to learn Spanish, correctly pronouncing words can be a significant challenge. You probably recognise Spanish words like jalapeño, Mexico and burro, but the pronunciation of j, x, ll, and rr may be unfamiliar. Pronouncing rr (erre doble) is notoriously difficult for native English speakers. With the help of speech recognition applications and studying with a tutor, you will be able to practice your accent and help ensure that your Spanish is understandable.


Spanish grammar may at first seem strange to an English-speaker, but its rules are actually easier and less irregular than English grammar. Once you have a handle on Spanish grammar, the rules are effectively unchanged for French, Italian and Portuguese.Being familiar with one Romance language will allow you to pick up others more easily. Since they are all derived from Latin, modern Romance languages have several grammar rules in common:

  • adjectives come after the noun they modify,
  • all verbs are conjugated,
  • the subject-verb order is inverted when asking a question,
  • and all nouns have a gender designation.

Learning a new language doesn’t have to require endless verb exercises and tedious learning of words without any context. Pure beginners need to learn some principles, but plenty of new resources have recently emerged that provide even first year students to understand actual stories and places. Review our list of “Best Dictionary and Language applications” specifically for Spanish here.

We aim to provide affordable Spanish courses as well as cultural activities and events to those interested in learning Spanish. From beginners to advanced, and all levels in between, our goal is to help you instantly immerse in the Spanish Language as well as to provide you with the best value for each course.

Agape School of Education Spanish courses are always taught by native Spanish speaking tutors from around the world who will enrich your learning experience well beyond that of the classes’ content and into the language culture.

Learn with us!

At Agape School of Education, we understand that learning a new language can be difficult. We are here to help! Through our experienced educators we ensure that you learn the language you have chosen with ease.

Expose yourself to a new language at Agape School of Education through our carefully crafted Courses. Find a language you’re keen on learning through our Courses and begin your language learning experience with us. Invest in your SkillsFuture credit with us!


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