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We have scoured online, app stores and reviews by students and teachers to provide you with Part 3 of our Best Dictionary applications. We have compiled these apps to assist students learning a new language or attending our language courses at Agape School of Education.

In this much anticipated continuation to our Part 1 and Part 2 series, we will be looking at,

  1. Japanese Language Apps

If you need help choosing the right dictionary application for your unique usage, you may want to review our tips to choose the perfect dictionary app here.

Japanese Dictionary Applications

Learn Japanese (Phrases)
Price: Free (with premium options)
Available for: iOS, Android

Learn Japanese (Phrases) contains more than 800 popular words and phrases aimed at beginner learners. The application is grouped into sections like greetings, eating and romance. Users can track favourite phrases in a personal collection. Each word and phrase is accompanied by audio which can be slowed down manually. It allows you to slow down and listen to the pronunciation closely and record your own voice to see if you came close to enunciating the phrases correctly. Other features include,

  • Commonly-used Japanese phrases & words
  • Search by Japanese or English
  • Native Japanese pronunciation
  • Customisable font size
  • No Internet connection required


Learn Japanese by MindSnacks
Price: Free (with premium options)
Available for: iOS

Learn Japanese by Mindsnacks is an app that allows users to build vocabulary in a fun manner, and is great for adults and children alike. The application provides more than words and phrases to study, and supports Kana, Kanji and Romaji. The application is broken into different games where users can introduce new vocabulary while advancing to different levels. Additional features include,

  • 8 addictive and unique games
  • Spoken audio clips provided by a native Japanese speaker to help with pronunciation
  • Hand-illustrated image library to help memorize words and symbols
  • 50 Japanese lessons designed by expert instructors (upgrade required)
  • Personalized learning algorithms to maximize memorization, retention & contextual usage
  • Enhanced review mode lets you replay previously mastered lessons
  • Additional quests & challenges will keep you motivated
  • Thoughtful curriculum that may induce smiles when achieving new high scores


imiwa (i mi wa)
Price: Free (with premium options)
Available for: iOS, Web

Imiwa is a free dictionary to rival my favourite app above. It is multilingual, with 170,000 or more words translated into English, over 15000 into French, more than 94000 into German and 7000 or more into Russian. It provides example sentences for most of the words, which is great when writing in Japanese and continously being improved whilst dictionary entries are enriched with example sentences coming from both the tanaka corpus and the tatoeba project.

Imiwa also provides verb conjugation information and allows you to look up the kanji using the radicals, and also has handwriting input to search for kanji. Other features include,

  • Similar kanji information
  • Faster dictionary and example search
  • Kanji lookup by external reference number
  • くれる and いい conjugation
  • Images search shortcuts
  • Save backup to cloud services


Which Dictionary App do you love?

Let us know which app has helped you through your learning journey.

What is the Best Dictionary App?Let us know what is the best dictionary app you have used.

Is an app missing from our list?
Let us know through the comments below and we will review the app for our future review and revisions.

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