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You have decided to learn a new language. Hoorah!

You have picked up a book in the language chosen. Let’s say it’s French.

You love French, their speech with melodious tints of colour. Indecipherable but beautiful. You than progress and read the first few pages and the daunting challenge begins. When does the first word begins and the next one ends? Anxiety begins to creep in as you are at the brink of stopping your pursuit.

Let these quick tips help you with your struggles.


Patience and Time

Understand that you will need to give yourself time. Be patient through your journey and keep reasonable expectations. Be aware that learning a new language may come easy to some and difficult to others. Be conscious of your learning style and mental processes.


Find a Partner or Teacher

Keep yourself motivated by finding a partner or teacher to both practice and learn from. Why is this important? Having a partner or teacher will help you keep motivated in your pursuit. You have someone to practice new phrases and words learnt with.

If you’re not able to get your partner to jump into the pursuit, find a sibling or a friend. Finding someone will help you push the boundaries of language learning.


Make Friends

Make friends who speak the language you have chosen and interact with them. This will open new avenues for you to learn and understand the subtle nuances of the language.


Find your motivation and commit

Realise the reason behind wanting to learn a new language. Your motivation will be crucial to ensure you stay motivated. Could it be you want to impress your business clients with your fluent use of French, German or Japanese?

Whatever the reason for your motivation, it’s important that you commit.


Be reasonable with your goals

Be sure to set yourself attainable goals. Don’t assume to be able to speak a new language within a week. Set a goal for example, start by picking up 50 new words every other week – use them with your partner or teacher.

It is important to keep your goals simple and achievable.


Mistakes are a given

This would be the most common deterrent to learning a new language.

“Oh no! I have made a mistake with my pronunciation.”

Do not have fear of making mistakes when learning a new language. Mistakes are a given. Learn from them.



Let technology help you out. Grab a dictionary on your mobile phone and browse through new words and example usage. This will help build up your vocabulary when learning a new language. We have some suggestions for dictionary apps which can be viewed here.


Have Fun!

The most important of all. Have fun with the new language you have chosen to learn and explore. Practice by singing or hearing songs in the language you have chosen. Watch a movie and try to lipsync with the actors on screen.

Immerse yourself in the languages songs, movies and culture.


At Agape School of Education, we understand that learning a new language can be difficult. We are here to help! Through our experienced educators we ensure that you learn the language you have chosen with ease.

Find a language you’re keen on learning through our Courses and begin your language learning experience with us. Invest in your SkillsFuture credit with us!



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