Technology and Teaching

With the introduction of technology in the classroom, making information easier to retrieve;

  • Answers to questions posed by educators retrievable by querying Google.
  • Incomprehensible words understood by retrieving definitions online through various dictionaries, translators, etc.
  • Maths problems solved by typing formulas on Wolfram Alpha, Google Sheets, etc.

With the ever increasing usage of technology in the proverbial ”classroom”, this poses a definitive point for the role of the educator or teacher.

“What should the teachers role be, if facts and data can be retrieved solely online?”


The Curious Child

The addition whether intentional or otherwise, should be viewed from the standpoint of a curious child who has been provided with tools made available through technology.

Without a guide the avenues for the child to learn and to satisfy his or her curiosity effectively may be hindered. With the addition of tools made available, effective understanding may be even further hampered.

Consider the mishmash of diatribes, data and irrelevant facts through websites, blogs and educational applications which may provide confusion for a student without guidance.

Have you had an instance in which you were searching for a particular subject matter online only to end up viewing or reading on another subject matter entirely?

The Guide

Having a guide (the educator) will help the curious child immensely, providing the tools in an organized manner and relating steps to abate the child’s curiosity.

The child would first understand the various tools available and the context to make use of them.

The child would understand the steps to take to comprehend situations and occurrences which raises his or her curiosity.

This would be beneficial for the child during his learning stages. The guidance and steps learnt will be brought into the child’s adulthood to provide a firm base to further his or her ambitions.

At Agape School of Education, we understand the ever increasing usage of technology in our students day to day activities and learning journeys.

Through our experienced educators we ensure that our students benefit from the tools made available with the wisdom and knowledge from our teachers and educators.

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