Awesome Free Korean Weobtoons to read (and reread)

Korean dramas have taken most of Asia (and arguably, the world) by storm. Thus it should be no surprise that their lesser-known cousin, the webcomic, has also gathered its own following internationally. Just as dramas are excellent resources to learn spoken language, webcomics are also a great resource for learning about written Korean.

As LINE Webtoon also offers official English translations, you can compare them with the original (and even critique them)! The best part? While some webcomics are pay-to-view, quite a few of them are free to view.
1. Tower of God
This is a webcomic written by S.I.U, as part of his Tazer universe. This story centres around Baam, who is following a girl up a mysterious tower. This particular webcomic reads a lot like an epic rather than a periodic comic, given that the author is still slowly filling us in on the details of the tower, its inhabitants and rulers. However, if you’re not daunted by the sheer length of the comic, it is a rewarding read.

2. Noblesse
This webcomic follows the story of Rai, a vampire, after he wakes up in modern day Japan after 800 years of sleeping and the people that he meets along the way. The comics provide some extremely funny and light moments (like when a vampire gifts cup noodles). That said- the authors do not skimp on the storyline either- the world and the storyline is realistic and fairly complex. This webtoon is also episodic, which makes it easy to finish in several reads.

3. The Gamer
Still a relatively new comic, The Gamer details the life of the protagonist Han Jee-Han, a high school student after he gains an ability called The Gamer. This ability turns his life into a real-life game, complete with quests, rewards and allies out of a video game. While the premise might seem a little silly (and there are plenty of lighthearted moments)- there is also an interesting overarching storyline.

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