Learning the Challenging Chinese Language

Mandarin is a language, or part of a group of languages, spoken by 1.3 billion people worldwide. If you define Mandarin as one language, rather than a grouping, it is the single most spoken language on the planet. Outside of Singapore, it is also spoken widely in China, Taiwan and Malaysia. If you are interested in learning Mandarin as your mother tongue or as a third language, it can be intimidating and challenging. But learning Mandarin can also be rewarding, and knowing it can have benefits for your career, during your travels or in your relationships.

Even if it is not your mother tongue language in school, there are still many ways to learn Mandarin. As a university student, you can study Mandarin and earn a degree in it. Earning a university degree in Mandarin will provide you with a solid knowledge of formal Mandarin that you can use to further your studies or gain employment. You will also be proficient in reading and writing the alphabet, which is a standard alphabet throughout the Mandarin-speaking world. If you are established in your career and find it necessary to learn Mandarin for business dealings or business-associated travel, Agape School of Education offers the flexibility to modify your course to suit your specific needs. Learning to speak Mandarin this way is convenient if you need to learn the basics before an important business trip or for an upcoming test.

If you are a student of Mandarin or a tourist with a desire to travel within Asia, an ideal way to learn the intricacies of Mandarin is through participation and engagement with the culture. By doing this, you will not only learn how to speak Mandarin but also how to respect their traditions and develop a love for the language. By studying Mandarin in a small group situation like that at Agape School of Education, you are given quality interaction with the teacher and other students. This encourages communication and you may just find learning to speak Mandarin becomes much easier than you thought. You will grow to understand and recognise the value of the ancient Chinese culture: the history, the art, the architecture, the food and the people.

If you are fluent in Mandarin, not only could it help you establish yourself in a career, but it could also open doors to new careers. For example, you could take a job as a foreign language translator, where you would be responsible for translating websites, training documents and other important business documents while helping to bridge the communication gap between two very different cultures. You might also consider a career as a teacher of English as a second language in another country, allowing you the opportunity to travel to different countries. You also have the capability to relocate to a Mandarin-speaking nation and teach the English language to their students. Being fluent in Mandarin will definitely make relocation less stressful.

Learning how to speak, read and write Mandarin has many advantages. It gives you the potential to enhance your career by working or travelling abroad and gives you opportunities to embark on new careers. Take the time to learn Mandarin and open your eyes to a new and often misunderstood culture.

Let Agape School of Education help you on this exciting, new journey! Contact us today for information on available class timings.

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