In the spirit of the new year, we at Agape School of Education, have also launched our new, updated website! Although we have not forgotten the old, we understand that today, it is important to keep updating ourselves and our digital profile. As technology advances, websites are constantly evolving in terms of functionality, design and how user-friendly it is.

Here are some of the new features of the new site that you can look forward to!

  1. You can now book classes online
    Our new site is equipped with up-to-date information about our classes and with the click of a button, you can sign yourself up. Learning a new language has never been this easy!
  2. Create and monitor your account with ease
    Students can now create accounts to sign up for courses, track their progress and pay fees with the click of a button. Don’t let admin work hinder you from picking up a new language.
  3. A clean and updated design
    Our sleek new design was honed and perfected over many sleepless nights. Our aim was to create a beautiful yet, easy to manoeuvre site, with a focus on the language. After all, everything we do at Agape School of Education is because of our love and passion for languages and teaching.
  4. Optimised search for easy browsing
    Part of our new design is a dedicated page for each language and special programme offered by Agape School of Education. This way, all the information you need is situated in one place.
  5. Promotions and SkillsCredit information at your fingertips
    The first thing you see when you visit our site is the Skills Credit banner. We already offer several courses that are eligible for payment through SkillsCredit. However, we are working on bringing you a greater range of courses to choose from, because no one should be limited from learning. For a limited time, we also have discount coupons for courses available to first-time students.

Take some time today to explore our new website, read the testimonials and sign-up for a language course. Agape School of Education would like to take this opportunity to thank our tireless website designer, Trendy Tan, and our web developers, the Ninjas at One Spiffy, for all their hard work and determination to see this project to completion. While we are still working on the nitty-gritty details of the new website, we hope you like it as much as we do.

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